Divorce rumours for Leon Lai and Gaile Lok

Divorce rumours for Leon Lai and Gaile Lok

10 Sep – Rumours are that Hong Kong singer-actor Leon Lai and his wife Gaile Lok could be heading for a divorce, according to Jayne Stars.

According to tabloids, the couple had reportedly ended their four year marriage and Gaile is looking to migrate to the United States, when it was learned that she was settling an immigration issue for her pet Chihuahua.

Gaile's mother confirmed Gaile's immigration application for her pet, but did not mention if her daughter would be settling down in the country or the current status of their marriage.

"I am not sure. My daughter is always travelling!" she said, who claimed that she had not seen her son-in-law, Leon, since early this year.

In July, Leon had reportedly stepped down as the director of the company that he co-owned together with Gaile, but still remains as a shareholder.

He had also refused to meet with the press during a promotional event recently.

Meanwhile, when asked about the divorce, Gaile answered: "If I am divorced, you will be able to find out!"