Dicky Cheung wrote song for wife

Dicky Cheung wrote song for wife

15 Feb – "Fong Sai Yuk" actor and singer Dicky Cheung recently showed his romantic side by dedicating a special song to his dear wife, actress Cheung Sai, at his Hong Kong Coliseum concert.

Popular Asians website reported that on the second concert day for The Big Four, comprising best friends Andy Hui, Edmund Leong, William So and Dicky himself, the singer acknowledged that he has not spent much time with his wife since their marriage in 2009.

Spotting Cheung Sai (also known as Jess Zhang) in the crowd on the second night of the concert, he shouted, "Hi! Haven't seen you for a long time! How are you? So many relatives and friends came to visit over the New Year, hardly giving us time for each other. And now I stay over in a hotel in preparation for the concert, so that's why it seems we haven't met in a long time."

Addressing his wife again, the cheeky Dicky continued, "Why don't we spend tonight together?" much to the audience's amusement.

All jokes aside, the actor expressed his love for his "The Duke of Mount Deer" co-star and wife, saying, "I have experienced many ups and downs but my wife is by my side every single time."

Dicky then proceeded to sing a song he had written especially for her, entitled "Hoodlum and his Wife".

Meanwhile, The Big Four, who started their 2013 world tour at the Hong Kong Coliseum on the eve of Chinese New Year, will continue to perform in Hong Kong for four more nights before they move on to other parts of the world, including Great Britain in March and Malaysia in April.