Daniel Wu ecstatic to play Xiang Yu

Daniel Wu ecstatic to play Xiang Yu

17 Feb – Actor Daniel Wu can is ecstatic at the thought of playing famous historical figure, Xiang Yu in his upcoming film, "The Last Supper".

As reported on Groove Asia website, the soon-to-be father recently told the media, "I can now proudly tell my children in the future that their father once acted as a famous historical figure!"

Daniel continued, "My previous roles were all fictional. This is the first time I'm portraying an actual person in history. I had to study China's history to prepare for this role."

The actor, who plays the prominent military and political leader during the late Qin Dynasty in the new movie, also revealed that despite his enthusiasm, the tedious change of costume wears him down.

Daniel revealed that he spent at least one hour everyday to change into his costume during filming, saying, 'My costume and helmet weighs about 20kg in total. The process of wearing and removing them is very tedious, so I would usually wear them for the whole day and take them off only after filming ends."

In related news, the actor revealed that his wife, model Lisa S. is currently in her second trimester.