Dalmation introduced Simon

Dalmation introduced Simon

9 May – Earlier it was reported that Dalmation will be making a comeback without member Day Day and a new addition. Now the group's agency, IS Entertainment is unveiling the photo and details of the new member, Simon.

According to Koreaboo website, Simon is reported to be half Korean and half Japanese with a Korean father and Japanese mother. The singer has talents in various areas including rap, vocal, as well as dance.

Simon was also revealed to be very fluent in three languages (Japanese, Korean, and English).

The new member enthused, "It was my lifelong dream to work in the field of music in Korea. I learned about Korean culture through my dad, and did not forget my roots. I'm very honoured to have become a member of Dalmatian. I will show you all that I've prepared over the years."

Simon will join original members Inati, Jee-su, Daniel, and Young-won that will make their comeback starting on 15 May after 15 month hiatus.