D-Unit to sign autographs in Japan

D-Unit to sign autographs in Japan

7 July – It was revealed that upcoming hip-hop trio D-Unit will be holding a fan signing event in Japan before their Korean debut.

Korea.com reported that the group's rep stated, "The girls are scheduled to hold hour-long fan meets at the Pop Skin and Moiza head office in Tokyo on 7 to 8 July."

They added, "The trio will be shaking hands with fans and performing two tracks off their debut album, "Before the Weekend Comes" and "Overslept", for the very first time.

Their CEO explained that the reason behind the fan signing was that member Woo-ram has a lot of fans in Japan like her twin sister (T-ARA's Bo-ram) and this was noticed by the Japanese entertainment agency after overseeing D-Unit's debut preparations.

Meanwhile, Woo-ram commented, "It feels amazing to be able to hold a fan signing in Japan before our debut. I was envious of Bo-ram when she was promoting in Japan so I'll work really hard to connect with our Japanese fans when we get there."