Crayon Pop’s Secret Crush Is Robin?!

[by Sora Ghim] Girl group Crayon Pop is back with ‘Non-summit’s’ good looking member, Robin Deiana.

Crayon Pop and Robin’s new song ‘What Are You Doing (feat. Robin)’ will be released at noon on May 4.

This new song is about the fresh emotions of a couple prior to dating and just wondering what their crush is up to. It was created by hit composer Kim Chang Rak and Hwang Sung Jin.

In particular, its cheerful melody goes well with spring while Crayon Pop’s sweet voices and Robin’s surprise rapping create a great harmony. As the group and Robin give back and forth lyrics, it expresses the butterflies of the beginning of a relationship.

Currently the French representative on ‘Non-summit’ and also a multi-entertainer, Robin showcased his hidden rapping skills through this song. People anticipate his rap as he proves himself to be a well-rounded entertainer.

Meanwhile, this song will be released at noon on May 4. (photo by RBW)

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