[Concert Review] MBLAQ Brings ′The BLAQ% Tour′ to Seoul

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MBLAQ finally brought its 2012 The Blaq% Tour to Seoul on July 21, marking the third stop on the group’s Asia tour since taking over Indonesia on June 30 and Thailand on July 7.

And if the vibes of the concerts in those countries were as fantastic as MBLAQ’s concert in Seoul, we wouldn’t be surprised if the boys’ first Asia Tour since their debut in 2009 is heralded a wild success.

For about two and a half hours, the MBLAQ members jumped up and down, pouring all of their energy and sweat into performing a grand total of 26 songs, which included hits such as Y, Cry and Run.

But the songs that had the fans cheering and singing along in ecstasy were It’s War, Mona Lisa and Oh Yeah, which were rightfully saved for last.

Among the few highlights of the evening were the solo performances of each member.

G.O. sang his own smooth rendition of Eric Benet’s Cracks of My Broken Heart and Thunder performed his hit singleDon’t Go, for the first time for his Korean fans, dancing on his studded seat and pulling off some hot Michael Jackson-esque moves.

Mir excitedly shuffled across the stage, singing Wanna Go Crazy and Seung Ho executed a jaw-dropping piano performance, followed by some impressive poppin’ and lockin’ during his own time to shine.

G.O. and Mir’s unit performance of Wild also proved to be one of a kind, as they stripped off their ties and shirts for a live costume change.

“This is the sexiest performance in the concert,” said the two members. They were certainly right as the two got up close and personal with the dancers.

But Lee Joon stole the show with his solo performance when he picked a young girl from the audience and serenaded his ‘5-minute girlfriend’ with Jung Yeop’sYou Are My Lady,

Although initially shocked by the 13-year-old girl’s young age, Lee Joon hesitantly continued on with the scheduled sexy act, complete with a shirt-removing performance, which fans jealously yelled out was inappropriate.

Lee Joon later told fans to forget the entire act and promised to pick out an older lady from the crowd on the second day of the concert.

Although each performance was impressive, the concert’s focus was definitely on the fans, as the members provided plenty of fan service by walking back and forth to the extended stage as well as into the second floor seats.

During the closing comments, Thunder talked about how MBLAQ made its debut at Rain’s concert, “We never imagined being able to have a concert so early. It’s all thanks to you.”

Even as the curtains closed on MBLAQ’s first concert tour in Seoul, the surprises didn’t end there as Mir gave fans a last-minute present, making a quick dash through the lobby as fans strolling out of the arena, who caught a quick peek of the singer, screamed in excitement.

Overall, the first day of The MBLAQ% Tour concert in Seoul was full of excitement, energy, and laughs exchanged between the singers and the fans.

MBLAQ will move on to Osaka on July 26 and 27, Tokyo on July 30 and 31, and finally Taiwan on August 18.

Photo Credit: CJ E&M

Reporter : Grace Danbi Hong (graced923@cj.net)
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