Close dismisses ‘mental stigma’

Glenn Close

Glenn Close thinks “misunderstanding mental illness can be lethal”.

The 66-year-old actress attended a fundraising event for her health nonprofit Bring Change 2 Mind in New York on Tuesday night.

Glenn has family members who are psychologically disturbed and she was honoured to attend the affair.

“Misunderstanding mental illness can be lethal,” Glenn told Page Six.

“We want to erase the stigma so people can get treatment without feeling shame.”

The Bring Change 2 Mind bidding gala was a big success, as auctions helped Glenn’s charity earn over $1 million.

Several A-list stars were in attendance at the event including George Lucas, Harvey Weinstein and Mariska Hargitay.

Bring Change 2 Mind’s mission is to “end the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental illness”, according to the organisation’s website.

Glenn portrayed love-crazed psychopath Alex Forest in her 1987 film Fatal Attraction and earlier this year she spoke about how she’d “have a different outlook on that character” if offered that part today.

"[Actors] have a moral responsibility,” Glenn told CBS News in June.

"Most people with mental illness are not violent. And most people who commit violent crimes do not have a diagnosed mental illness.

"That is wrong, and it's proven wrong and it is immoral to keep that perpetrated."

Glenn’s sister and her nephew suffer from mental conditions.

She founded Bring Change 2 Mind with community based recovery organisation Fountain House to end discrimination against those with psychological disorders.

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