Christine Fan: "Too Busy for Baby"

Christine Fan: "Too Busy for Baby"

2 Jun – Taiwanese singer Christine Fan is too busy to start having babies with host-husband Blackie Chen, after a year of marriage.

According to May Daily, Fan said that she hopes that she would be able to find time to conceive sometime next year, as her working schedule for this year are very tight.

The couple revealed a little of their sex life, like how Chen places high heels in the bathroom to signal for some bedroom romance and Fan doesn't know how to 'behave like a slut' as advised by a friend.

Shortly after the first anniversary of their marriage, the couple said that they have started facing some pressure from family, friends and fans on when they could expect to see them have a child.

However, Fan isn't worried that Chen would run off to have an affair with another woman, but is more worried about his boyfriends, like fellow singer Wang Lee Hom, who she called the 'third party' in their marriage.