Chrissie to ride

Chrissie to ride

1 Mar – China actress and celebrity model Chrissie Chow's new film "Bauhinia Heroine 3D" will require her to perform on a motorcycle, but as she has no licence to do so yet, Chow has announced that she would be taking a motorcycle test and pass, according to TVB News World.

To quote the renowned model, "I plan to ask Mommy because she used to constantly ride the motorcycle on grocery runs. When I was little I constantly rode at the back. She also said that when I got the license I should give her a ride."

The 27-year-old goddess had already shown her determination in achieving this feat by scheduling herself a motorcycle test. In addition, the actress had also refused the use of stunt doubles despite burning her thigh earlier at work. She remarked that she was not worried as injuries are inevitable on set and that the team would purchase a lot of insurance for her.

"Actually I don't dare to watch my own performance, I would feel embarrassed and get the shakes, but my friends feel that I have improved with every film," said the Chaozhou-raised star.

When asked which movie of hers that she would definitely never watch again, Chow replied, "My idea was that I might as well not watch all my films but save them as material to study from."

The "Lan Kwai Fong" actress revealed that she was keen to try her hand at playing a tragic character because she wants to show a side of her that wants to be protected, as others thought she was very tough.

What about her boyfriend? To this Chow huffed, "Earlier when we went to Thailand my boyfriend got sick, and I had to take care of him!"