Chrissie Chau admires Shu Qi

Chrissie Chau admires Shu Qi

18 Feb – Chrissie Chau has been coined as the sexiest female star among the new generation of Hong Kong actresses but the "Journey To The West" actress said she is nothing to her co-star and Golden Horse Award winner Shu Qi who is still the hottest actress in town, according to QQ.

"Shu Qi is a goddess in my eyes, I've been a huge fan of her movies. Regardless of how she performs on-screen, she still shows her sexiness mentally," said Chrissie, who played a supporting role in Stephen Chow's latest comedy alongside Shu Qi.

The Guangdong-born actress had a great experience filming with Chow and the latter even taught her how to dance for a particular scene.

"Before shooting the dancing scene in "Journey To The West", I had never dance before. I have clumsy hands and legs until Stephen demonstrated the dance sequence to me," she said.

Meanwhile, Chrissie denied that Chow had given her a "special" treatment at the film set, compared to other casts.

"He's a very strict guy when it comes to movies and have high expectations on the actors. Nevertheless, he took care of everyone on the set."

The single lady did not celebrate the recent Valentine's Day after breaking up with her ex-boyfriend but she told the Hong Kong media that she welcomes everyone to date her.

She said, "Everybody can come to date me. I prefer someone who is handsome and charming like Takeshi Kaneshiro."