Chris Lai saving up to get married

Chris Lai saving up to get married

28 Aug - Despite dating a millionaire heiress, Hong Kong actor Chris Lai is determined to use his own money to marry his girlfriend Nichole Li within the next four years, according to Jayne Stars.

Although his relationship with the former Miss Hong Kong participant has been mainly criticized with Chris being called a 'gold digger', since Nichole is the general manager of ten beauty salons in Hong Kong owned by her family, Chris is still planning to save up enough money to buy an apartment when they get married.

"It's her own business that her family is rich. I do not need to spend her money. It's important that we are happy when we are together. With my financial ability, I can still manage to take care of her," he said.

Coming from an impoverished background, Lai added that he would be working hard to give her a comfortable life, as their marriage has been approved by their parents.

"It's important for a man to have an accomplished career first, and then proceed to form a family. Maybe I was poor when I was young. My dad passed away and my mom single-handedly raised my brothers and I. Those days were tough. We needed to calculate our family budget every day, from buying shoes to buying books. I do not wish that my future family struggles because of money. That's why I will give myself four years to save up," he said.

He added that he cannot change how the media sees their relationship, so he is not worried about being compared to Li's wealth.

"There is nothing to compare. Nicole's family uses their entire life to create their kingdom. I am only a 30-something young chap," Chris said, while expressing his happiness for knowing Li, who gave him space to concentrate on his work and helps him take care of his household chores when he is busy filming.

He said: "When she knows that I am working, she will not call me. Whenever I am not working, I will spend most of my time with her. We will go hiking together, playing badminton, walk our dog and watch movies. The feeling is great!".