Choi Yeojin displays her gorgeous body shape

Kang Hye-In
Choi Yeojin displays her gorgeous body shape

Choi Yeojin's recent outfit is becoming a hot topic.

On 30th, the press conference of MBC 'Dancing With The Star 2' was held at Grand Ambassador Hotel, located in Jangchoong-dong, Seoul, and Tony An, Hyoyeon, Choi Yeojin, Yi Hoon, Sunwoo Jaedeok, Song Jong-gook, Kim Woncheol, Dennis Kang, Choi Eunkyung, Kim Gayoung, and Shin Sooji attended.

At the press conference, Choi Yeojin appeared in very hot white pants and jacket, and drew people's attention with her gorgeous body shape.

The pants were so short that she almost looked didn't wear it, and the reporters busily pushed their camera shutters.

Netizens made comments, such as "That's almost like an underwear", "Isn't it too short?" and "I just envy that body shape so much."

On the other hand, 'Dancing With The Star 2' will air starting on May 4th.