Cheung Wing Ho publicly apologises to Jenny Lau

Cheung Wing Ho publicly apologises to Jenny Lau

23 Sep – "Heart Road GPS" director Cheung Wing Ho has publicly apologised to actress Jenny Lau for mistreating her on set on a televised interview show in Hong Kong, according to Groove Asia.

Jenny Lau and Cheung Wing Ho appeared as guest on Eileen Liew's interview show "Scoop", where they shared about what really happened during the incident that has created a negative publicity storm for TVB when two videos were leaked to the Internet, and they publicly reconciled by shaking hands to let bygones be bygones.

During the show, an unedited version of the leaked videos was shown that showed the director discussing with Jenny to add a scene where Jenny's character would be attacked with a bag over her head instead of live frogs.

"At first, I didn't have to get the plastic bag over my head, but then it was added in. I did mention that I was afraid of frogs, and the Director did ask me if I was afraid, but I insisted on shooting the scene," said Jenny who has reportedly so traumatised by frogs that she begged for the director to stop the shoot.

During the interview, Jenny almost broke into tears saying that she did not feel that her mistreatment was wrong because she felt that she has to work hard as a newcomer.

"I have room for improvements in my own EQ, perhaps I've been too stubborn towards my work, I'm sorry. (Will you apologize to everyone who was scolded by you?) I will say sorry to everyone, hope to wipe it all away," director Cheung Wing Ho said.

He then publicly apologised to Jenny one more time when Eileen asked them to shake hands in front of the audience.

TVB deputy director of foreign affairs Tsang Sing Ming had said that Cheung had received a warning letter so that he would no longer use 'abusive language to his colleagues', but Cheung later denied that he had received any letter in a separate phone interview afterwards.

Since the wake of the scandal when the videos were leaked, TVB has been searching for the source of the videos, and there were reports that the station was accusing the newcomer as the one who leaked the videos online.

However, after reviewing several security tapes, TVB executive Au Wai Lam had revealed that the videos were recorded by a production crew who was on set during the incident.

TVB had reportedly considered bringing the matter to the police as it was an infringement of copyright laws since it was recorded during a rehearsal, but decided not to lodge a report in the end.

Instead, Au visited the set of "Heart Road GPS" and told the cast and crew that the station had a zero-tolerance policy for any 'unlawful' recording that would violate any 'theft or copyright' laws.