Chen Hanwei: Malaysian drama scripts sucks!

Chen Hanwei: Malaysian drama scripts sucks!

22 Jul - Malaysia born Singapore-based Mediacorp actor Chen Hanwei is currently working on a Singapore and Malaysia co-production drama titled "The Enchanted" in Kuala Lumpur.

During an interview with the Singapore media, he described the drama script of "The Enchanted" as "sucks".

"How do I portray the character well if the script sucks? The director of the drama had constantly changed the script every day. I think the final script is 80% different from the one I received at first," he told local media and added that his character in the drama is "a character without soul".

He had given his opinion that every crew member should do their job well during the filming. "If there is anything wrong in the procedure followed, then the entire drama will spoil," he commented.

Regarding this issue, Mediacorp Studio Malaysia's spokesperson said Chen had expressed his dissatisfaction to the company after they finished the shoot.

Asked to verify Chen's statements, the spokesman said that he has reservations on the constantly changing script, but insisted that his character is not "a character without soul".

He also believed that the drama "won't be that bad" as the producer of "The Enchanted" is very experienced in drama production.