Charlie Sheen: Don’t party publicly

Cover Media12 April 2013
Charlie Sheen: Don’t party publicly
Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen advises partiers to keep their wildest antics private.

The Anger Management star is a seasoned party animal.

Charlie is infamous for throwing sensational bashes and provides tips on how to pull off an equally electrifying event.

"Don't do it publicly. Don't have a party anyone has any record of," he joked to MTV News. "Those are the most fun."

Charlie was famously sacked from his role on TV show Two and a Half Men in 2011, after he criticised the show’s creator. He also bragged about his drug use in public and was open about living with two girlfriends.

Although Charlie is thought to have curbed his wild ways, residents in the actor’s exclusive Beverly Hills community were disturbed by the raucous ensuing at his home last summer.

“[T]here has been an abnormally high level of activity at the house all hours of the night,” a source told Radar Online at the time. “Cars containing scantily clad women arrive very late in the evening and don't leave until the next day.

“There are also a number of random vehicles parked all over his driveway and in front of his house. The partygoers, including Sheen, will smoke cigarettes outside in his backyard and swear loudly. It's becoming a nuisance, and the residents don't like outsiders lurking around all the time. People move to Mullholland Estates for security and privacy because it's a gated community.”

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