Chapman To laughs off death threats and anti-Chapman page

Chapman To laughs off death threats and anti-Chapman page

25 Mar – Furious with Chapman To's indifference towards their threats, some mainland Netizens have recently created a new online page, "Block Chapman To From Entering Mainland".

Previously, the actor angered mainland Netizens for his firm support of Taiwan in regards to their protests over the Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement with China.

Responding to Chapman's statement, Netizens demanded that the actor should not come to mainland China and that his movies should not be released in the area.

However, the outspoken actor replied, "Don't say 'don't come to mainland to make money'," and even provoked them to stop him from coming, saying that he has no qualms about not entering the north.

Chapman even posted photos of the Netizens who were against him, infuriating the Netizens even further to the extent that they threatened to kill him and wife, Kristal Tin.

As reported on Phoenix News Agency, the said anti-Chapman page has now attracted 11 million people, with many slamming the actor and likening him to triads that emphasise their superiority over being nice to others.

Meanwhile, Net Ease reported that when asked to comment on the death threats he and wife Kristal has been receiving from the north, Chapman laughed and said, "Hong Kong has its own rule. My wife has a fat assistant who can block others. And plus, she is filming a TVB series now. If you are uncertain of our police's capability, trust the security at TVB!"

He also added that he has no problem with his haters, saying, "I have 60 million followers."