Cecilia Cheung to star in Hollywood movie

Cecilia Cheung to star in Hollywood movie

17 May – Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung could be the next Chinese star who would be appearing in a Hollywood blockbuster soon.

According to Jayne Stars, Cheung was offered to star in a big-budget Hollywood action movie that could either have Nicolas Cage, Russell Crowe or Hugh Jackman as the male lead.

Cheung's involvement in the yet-to-be-titled movie is not final but has been acknowledged by her management agency, New Asia Entertainment Group (AEG). The agency stated that they are still currently negotiating with Hollywood on the terms and refused to give more details about the movie since Cheung had signed a confidential agreement.

It was learned that the movie would be shot in China and the United States and will feature high action with explosions and chase scenes, similar to that in a Bond movie.

Hollywood's recent intentions to foray into the Chinese market has become a sign of good times to come, with more Chinese actors and actresses having more opportunity to appear in major blockbusters for an international audience.

Previously Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau had been confirmed to appear in Marvel's "Iron Man 3" to play a key role.