Carey Mulligan eyelash lessons

Carey Mulligan's make-up artist has revealed her top tips for fabulously fluttery eyelashes.

The British actress always looks super preened on the red carpet - mixing understated beauty with old school Hollywood glamour.

Carey's make-up artist Georgie Eisdell - who also maintains the beauty looks of Dianna Agron, Diane Kruger and Christina Hendricks - has explained how to apply false eyelashes for the perfect alluring look.

“It's hard to do yourself. But the tip I have is putting your head back in the mirror so that your head is flat and plopping them on basically," she advised. "If you are doing individuals, a good idea is getting a quarter set, and cutting them into pieces because they can be hard to put the entire strip on yourself. Quarter sets are key cause they are really easy to put on. Put your head back and look down in the mirror and place the strips right on the lash line and pinching them to your natural lash, then put mascara on first then another layer afterward. And always pinch them together so they become one.

"Also, loading up on mascara is important. You can do anything on the eyelids as long as there is tons of mascara.”

Celebrity cosmetics pro Georgie also revealed the best way to achieve clump-free mascara. She advises using a brush to get even coverage.

“Just push and wiggle as you apply. I find you get a much fluffier effect this way," she told Beauty High. "Your lashes are naturally fluffy because they are not defined. If there are clumps at the end, then you can get a brush and comb through them.”
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