Bruce Lee: the master of nunchuks ping pong?

Nicholas C.
Yahoo Newsroom

When you mention the name Bruce Lee, a lot of things come to mind: legendary martial artist, international superstar, pop culture icon pong player?!

In a video clip that has gone viral on social networking sites, a guy who looks like the movie star - who would've celebrated his 72nd birthday yesterday (27.11.2012) - was seen playing a game of ping pong with two professional players...with his nunchuks! We kid you not! Watch this:

According to the person who uploaded the video, the 1-minute clip was shot back in the 60s when Bruce was at the peak of his awesomeness, and mobile phone company Nokia reportedly used this footage as part of an overseas advertising campaign for their Nokia N96 Bruce Lee edition. The Bruce Lee edition was released back in 2008, and it comes bundled with a miniature Bruce Lee doll!

Although many people claim that the clip is real despite the stunts being close to impossible to do (seriously, jumping, spinning backhand smash?), we can't really tell you if the footage is a clever play of camera tricks or it's the real deal. And we can't even tell you if the guy in the clip is the real Bruce Lee, but it is still pretty cool nonetheless.

However, do bear in mind that Bruce Lee has perfected the art of using the nunchuks, so if there's any one who can kick butt in ping pong using nunchuks, it's Bruce Lee:

Chuck who?

Oh, and a very happy belated birthday, Mr. Bruce Lee!