BREAKING NEWS: Christian Lacroix Designs Couture Collection For House Of Schiaparelli


It was only yesterday that rumours were swirling about Marco Zanini as the new creative director at the House of Schiaparelli. 24 hours later and news reaches us that Christian Lacroix is set to design a one-off collection for the reinvigorated brand that will be shown at Couture Fashion Week in July.

Christian Lacroix Set To Design Couture Collection For House Of Schiaparelli
Christian Lacroix Set To Design Couture Collection For House Of Schiaparelli

Speaking to French news magazine L'Express, Lacroix spoke of his respect for Elsa Schiaparelli. 'In this veritably elegant character, there is a spirit which is simultaneously mathematical, literary and even poetic, which collides with the worlds of arts, theatre and cinema. Elsa is a sacred sphinx who will never cease to make us question things, all the while offering new puzzles by way of answers. My wish is to reinstate her at the centre of her fashion house and on the stage through which she seduced the world.'

According to The Telegraph, Lacroix will reinterpret 15 of Schiaparelli's iconic creations for the couture collection. This will be followed by a series of contributions by acclaimed contemporary artists in homage to Schiaparelli as 'the first to marry art and fashion' as the designer was famed for collaborations with artists Salvador Dali, Cocteau and Alberto Giacometti.

Tod's owner Diego Della Valle brought Schiaparelli in 2006 and confirmed he would be relaunching it. The house originally closed in the 1950s after struggling to deal with post-war austerity.

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