Bowie Tsang's birthday in Las Vegas

Bowie Tsang's birthday in Las Vegas

18 Feb – Welcoming her 40th birthday on 21 February, a surprised Bowie Tsang was recently flown to Las Vegas with family and friends for an early celebration.

As reported on Groove Asia website, the 39-year-old actress, who once expressed her desire to mark her journey into her 40s with an unforgettable birthday celebration, had her wish came true when her loved ones threw her a big surprise in advance.

Bowie, who went to host a Chinese New Year special event with her father, Eric Tsang in Wynn Hotel, Las Vegas, was surprised when a Caucasian male model approached her with a birthday cake after their celebratory dinner with guest performers, Hong Kong TVB artistes Michael Miu, Oscar Leung and Taiwanese singers Rene Liu and Ricky Huang.

Brother Derek Tsang, who was also one of the party planners, gave the actress a comforting hug when she started to shed tears at everybody singing the birthday song for her.

The birthday girl expressed, "All of you have arranged so much for me before I can think of anything special for my 40th birthday. I'll definitely remember this party. Thank you."

It was just luck that Eric Tsang had fell asleep drunk while the actress was being treated with a performance by a male stripper!