Bosco wants work, Kate wants family

Bosco wants work, Kate wants family

11 Feb – This coming Lunar New Year, the "I Love Hong Kong 2013" TVB pair, Bosco Wong and Kate Tsui have entirely different wishes and resolutions, with Bosco hoping for more work while the latter hoping to settle down.

As reported on Popular Asians website, speaking at the promotional event for "I Love Hong Kong 2013" recently, actor Bosco Wong revealed that he will not be home during the New Year celebration, but in China – to continue filming his new drama, "Young Sherlock".

However, the actor revealed that even if he had the time for rest, he will just stay home during Chinese New Year, saying, "I used to go out to the flower markets with friends at this time of the year to enjoy the holiday ambience. But I have been working so much last year, so I just want to rest this holiday. Family and friends can still come and visit me."

Asked what his hopes are for the Year of the Snake, the actor revealed that he wants to focus on his career. The actor simply said, "Let's not talk about love. My mother is not pressuring me to get married, so nobody else should. I just hope my New Year will be filled with work and less scandal."

Meanwhile, "Highs and Lows" actress, Kate Tsui wants the opposite. The actress expressed that she hopes to find her lifelong partner now that her career is stable.

Kate stated, "If there is a chance for love, I will not hesitate to quit show business and focus on my husband and children."

However, the actress quipped that as a modern woman, she will not be cooped up in the kitchen but rather a trophy wife and mother to her husband and children while donning beautiful clothes.