Bobby Au Yeung is getting better

Bobby Au Yeung is getting better

15 Feb – Two days after being rushed to the intensive care unit for acute pneumonia, it was reported that actor Bobby Au Yeung's condition has improved.

According to Jayne Stars website, his wife, Rosanna Fu revealed on 13 February that the actor's health has been better than when he first arrived.

Rosanna, who was seen at the Ruttonjee Hospital in Wan Chai, greeted the media with a smile and stated, "Bobby is not allowed to eat food for now and remains attached to an intravenous drip. But he is more alert and able to have conversations with his visitors."

She added, "Bobby asked not to worry too much about him, although the intake of medications makes him tired."

Rosanna also revealed that the "Men with no Shadows" actor will be transferred from the ICU to a regular hospital room when his vital signs show improvement.

Asked if Bobby will be transferred to another hospital, his wife said, "It has not been decided yet."

The actor was rushed to the hospital on 11 February and was diagnosed with acute pneumonia, triggered by the actor's rushed intake of food that subsequently entered his lungs and caused bacterial infection.