Blake Lively obsessed with food

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Blake Lively obsessed with food
Blake Lively

Blake Lively has joked her "drug" is anything that "doesn't crawl away from [her]".

The Hollywood actress stars in Savages, which tells the story of two marijuana growers who face off against the Mexican drug cartel who kidnapped their girlfriend.

Blake has revealed her drug of choice.

"Food. Just anything that doesn't crawl away from me!" she laughed in an interview with the UK edition of OK! magazine.

Blake grew up in Los Angeles which she calls a "suspicious place". The 25-year-old star is put off by the superficial people living there.

"It seems to attract people who are constantly upgrading. They are upgrading their marriages, upgrading their faces, their boobs, their cars, their houses and everybody is competing with each other," she sighed.

"It's people wanting more and more and more, and the greed is really devastating."

Blake married Ryan Reynolds, 35, in a secret ceremony earlier this month.

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