'Big' Suzy makes a comic first appearance

Lee Seul
'Big' Suzy makes a comic first appearance

Suzy made a great first appearance on drama 'Big'.

On 11th, the new episode of KBS 2TV drama 'Big' showed Kang Kyungjun(Gong Yoo) heading to the airport after finding a passport and US dollars in Seo Yoonjae's bag.

Kang Kyungjoon bought a plane ticket, and as he recharged his phone, he received a great number of text messages.

The messages were all from Jang Mari(Suzy), and as he read through each text messages, Kang Kyungjun started to get angrier.

Jang Mari got angry because Kang Kyungjun didn't answer any of her phone calls or text messages, and she notified him she will be coming to Korea from LA through a text message, and as Kang Kyungjun read a message that she arrived in Korea, he fell in a panic.

Jang Mari made an obscure smile, and said, "You thought I won't be able to find you? I found all of your friends on Facebook."

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