Benjamin Yuen saved Bobby Au Yeung

Benjamin Yuen saved Bobby Au Yeung

20 Feb – After spending several days in the hospital for acute pneumonia, TVB actor Bobby Au Yeung is well enough to warrant an interview with the media and spoke about what had happened prior to his hospitalisation.

As reported on Groove Asia website, the actor revealed that he can't remember a lot of details except that the last thing he saw was his group of friends taking pictures.

Bobby said, "But my wife told me the actual story. At the time [of the photograph session], I was sitting on the sofa alone and appeared like I was asleep. Michael Tao thought I was drunk and needed a nap, so he came over to wake me up. But instead, he saw that my eyes were white and I had muscle cramps."

The actor revealed that it was Benjamin Yuen who gave Bobby his finger to bite on.

"He told me not to bite my tongue. Perhaps because I had a little flu and drank alcohol, so once I coughed, the liquid went into my lungs and caused my unconsciousness."

The 52-year-old actor also shared his fear, when he wasn't capable of breathing on his own and needed the paramedics to give him oxygen. Bobby said, "It was terrible, I was really about to die. I was in the ER from 2 am until the afternoon of the next day, a total of 12 hours. Luckily I was strong and was able to regain consciousness. Otherwise, I would've been in a coma and the condition could have been worse. I really picked my life back up this time, I really have to thank my wife and friends for going through this rough period with me."

The actor also dismissed rumours of his condition being caused by excessive drinking, and said, "Yes, I did drink, but I didn't drink that much. It's just because I was too tired, I have heavy screen time in "Love Reverse Three Lifetimes of Fate".

There were a few times when he suffered from severe chest pain from smelling the strong paint thinner odour while in the studio.

Bobby expressed the doctor has checked his blood pressure and lungs, and he's doing physical therapy every day to speed up the recovery process.