Basic questions on skincare answered

The most essential “How tos” of skin care, Bangalore based dermatologist Dr Juvita Rasquinha gives you some essential tips.

Basic questions on skincare answered

Say cheers to healthy, glowing skin!

How to care for your skin in summer

Summer is here in full force. Bangalore-based dermatologist Dr Juvita Rasquinha says, “With the change in weather is becomes essential to change your skin care regimen to help your skin adapt to the changing conditions.”

The first thing Dr Rasquinha stresses on is sun screen with a higher SPF: “In the summer season, in addition to an increase in temperature, there in an increase in UV ray intensity that bears down upon the skin. Use of a sunscreen with SPF 30 preferably with a moisturiser is strongly recommended to prevent skin damage from the harsh sun in the summer months.”

Next, your skin needs a moisturiser during the summers too. Put away your thick winter body lotions and grab a light lotion that’s best for summers. Makes sure you apply a moisturiser right after your bath, as semi-wet skin absorbs moisture better.

Do not forget to exfoliate your skin. Nearly a million dead cells accumulating every day. If you don’t get rid of them, they’ll sit on your skin, making it look dull and tired. We are not talking about just your face, but your whole body. So exfoliate at least 2 to 3 times a week.

How to remove post-party makeup 

How to remove makeup

Dr Rasquinha points out that while makeup can enhance one’s appearance, it is essential to let your skin breathe and keep it clean. Removing makeup from one’s skin, especially after a party or before going to bed is vital to skin repair and rejuvenation.

“While many make-up removal products are available, a cotton ball and moisturizer is also quite effective in getting the job done,” she suggests.

A good way to remove makeup is to start with eye-makeup removal. Take some eye-makeup remover on a cotton ball, gently swipe across your eye lashes to remove mascara then do the same to remove kajal or eye liner. Considering eye-make up is expensive, you could substitute it will baby oil.

This can be followed up with makeup removal from the face and neck. Apply cleansing lotion using long strokes, all across your face and neck. Take a wet cotton wool, and remove using long strokes. After which, gently rinse your face with lukewarm water to rid the skin of any removal product, recommends Dr Rasquinha.

Dr Rasquinha stresses that after removing makeup, it is essential to hydrate the skin, preferably with a revitalising moisturiser or a toner. Explaining the benefits of a moisturiser and toner, Dr Rasquinha says, “Using a moisturiser and toner reduces open pores and provides much-needed hydration that keeps your skin soft and youthful.”

How to deal with or handle a pimple burst at home

On Oprah’s show, Dr Oz demonstrated how to properly pop a pimple. First, do not squeeze the tissue around it, he stressed. He recommended using a sterilised needle to pierce through the white of the pimple, and letting all the pus until a little blood comes out.

However, it’s best to not attempt bursting a pimple as it carries risk of infection and scarring.

“If a pimple burst occurs naturally or inadvertently, gently apply an anti-bacterial cleanser on the affected area and avoid running your nails or fingers often around the area to avoid further infection. If you suffer from chronic acne or breakouts, consult your dermatologist for further treatment,” advises Dr Rasquinha.

With inputs from Dr Juvita Rasquinha, Dermatologist

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