Baek Jiyoung Sings A Duet With Ilya Belyakov

[by You-bin Ha] Baek Jiyoung sang a duet with Ilya Belyakov in JTBC ’Non-Summit’.

Baek Jiyoung appeared as the guest in the show and Ilya Belyakov said that he is actually a huge fan of Baek Jiyoung and can sing all of her songs by heart. Then he suggested her to have a duet on the spot.

It was actually the first time that they sang together but they showed a perfect harmony as if they trained  for it before.

After Ilya’s revelation, Baek Jiyoung made the studio laugh by saying that she likes Ilya’s fashion style as well, since he is well-known for not being interested in fashion.

Then Canada’s representative Guillaume tried to sing with her in his turn and MC Sung Sikyung highly praised him by saying that it’s the first time that Guillaume sang in the correct notes.

Meanwhile, the episode of ’Non-Summit’ with the duet between Ilya and Baek Jiyoung will air on April 13 at 11:00 PM KST. (photo by JTBC ’Non-Summit’ captured image)

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