Bad habits that will age you – Warning! These pesky habits will age you, so declare war on them and stamp them out

The Lux Lady

Whether it’s buying expensive products or going under the surgeon’s knife, women around the world are always looking for ways to maintain their looks and retain a youthful appearance. We can’t reverse the natural signs of aging, but there are some preventative measures we can take to reduce the years we add to our looks by making sure we don’t follow any of these bad habits. (Image: Stuart Miles /

Not getting enough sleep

It’s essential to make sure you get plenty of sleep every night as this is when the body goes into rejuvenation mode and that includes the renewal and repair of your skin. Dark rings and bags under the eyes from not enough sleep, not only make you look tired but they also make you look older. (image iStock)


Being over or under weight

Many women go to drastic measures to maintain a low weight and aspire to have figures like the unrealistic models in magazines. However, being underweight adds years to your looks. Loss of weight on the face can cause the skin to sag and will give you a gaunt and aged appearance. (Image: stock.xchng)


Rubbing your eyes

Whether you are tired, your eyes are itchy or you have something in them, make sure you avoid rubbing them. Why? Because the skin around your eyes is extremely delicate and in doing so it results in dark circles, stretched skin and wrinkles giving you an older appearance. (image: stock.xchng)


Intensive facial scrubs

While scrubbing away dead skin cells will leave it looking brighter and healthier, make sure that you don’t do this more than once a week, especially to your face. The reason for this is that it is easy to damage the epidermis layer. (image: iStock)


Sipping through a straw

Sipping your drink through a straw my appear more feminine than gulping down a drink, but your lips are carrying out the same pursing movement as smokers which causes fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth. Over time these will become more noticeable. (image: stock.xchgn)



Stress is now considered one of the main factors of aging of the skin. When we are stressed the body releases a hormone called cortisol which in turn breaks down collagen in the skin which is essential in keeping skin firm. The loss of collagen results in reduced skin firmness which leads to skin that sags and wrinkles. (image: stock.xchng)



Smoking is also a main factor in accelerated skin aging. Again, collagen is broken down leading to small lines and wrinkles to develop early. When someone pulls on a cigarette, like sucking through a straw, it causes lines around the lips.  (image: stock.xchng)


Too much junk food

Your aging, as well as your weight, will be affected by how much junk food you eat as it high in phosphate which speeds up aging, and sugar which damages the collagen and elastin needed in the skin to keep it wrinkle free. Fruits and veg give you fluids, fibre, antioxidants vitamins and nutrients which are substances that slow the deterioration of the body. (image: iStock)