Ayumi Hamasaki to divorce husband

Ayumi Hamasaki to divorce husband

17 Jan – Japanese singer Ayumi Hamasaki is currently going through proceedings to divorce her Austrian husband Manuel Schwarz.

According to Tokyo Hive, Hamasaki has announced her intention to divorce her husband through her official fan club site after the couple had tied the knot for a year in January 2011.

Hamasaki revealed the reason for her divorce due to a change of heart living outside Japan after the Tohoku Earthquake.

In her own words she explained:

"At the time of our marriage, we decided to live in America, however, because of the Tohoku Earthquake that occurred two months later, a strong feeling sprouted within me that I didn't want to be apart from Japan. I wasn't able to imagine a life in America, and as a result, I left my husband by himself for a long period of time."

This had apparently created not only a physical rift between Hamasaki and Schwarz, but also on the mental level due to their disagreement to not stay in Japan.

Hamasaki is expected to file her divorce in Los Angeles sometime within this month.

The Japanese top-charting songstress first met with Schwarz in August 2010 where the Austrian actor was playing the role of Hamasaki's husband in her "Virgin Road" promotional video.

They married in a small chapel at Las Vegas on 1 January 2011.