Avis Chan denies fooling around

Avis Chan denies fooling around

28 Jan – Avis Chan, who has been missing-in-action since his breakup with actress Chrissie Chau, recently returned to his hair salon, but has been in a bad mood ever since.

According to Asianpopnews, the hairstylist revealed that he has been missing for three days on a diving trip. When asked why he has he gone diving, he said, "I am moody. After all, it is six years worth of relationship. I am really very unhappy!"

Avis also denied that the breakup has anything to do with a third party, saying "I do not wish to talk about it. Anyway, this matter has nothing to do with any third party. The feelings have changed, so we broke up."

Despite Vivian Law's denial about their relationship, another photo circulated on the internet recently, showing Avis Chan and "Lam Kwai Fong 2" co-star, Mia Chan, behaving intimately.

Avis stressed that he had no relationships with Vivian and Mia. In response to his photo with the former, Avis implied, "I can't help it on how they are going to create publicity. We do not have any contact at all. I can only say that I was not careful!"

Meanwhile, Mia Chan recently revealed that she may have lost her iPhone on a taxi and stated that she would reward HKD 50,000 to the person who returns it to her.

When asked about her intimate photo with Avis, Mia replied anxiously, "I can't remember what photos are inside. I just hope that somebody can return the phone to me quickly".