Average Woman Thinks About Fashion 91 Times a Day -- Do You?

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How often do you think about fashion? Try 91 times a day. At least that's what researchers found after conducting a recent poll of 1,000 British women between the ages of 18 and 25. (To put that number in perspective, women think about sex only 10 times a day.)

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The researchers asked the women to count the number of times they shopped (online or in-person), daydreamed about shopping, checked out the outfits of others, or just thought about clothing and accessories. You may think you don't obsess over fashion nearly as much as these 1,000 women, but if you really think about it, 91 times a day isn't all that crazy in the scheme of things.

After all, fashion is everywhere --from magazines and TV to the Internet and billboards. As a result, we think about it a lot. Says fashion expert Mark Heyes, "When you look at it logically, the figure makes sense. Compared to 15 or 20 years ago, fashion is so engrained in our culture nowadays -- it's all around us and is rarely more than a glance away."

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So what type of fashion are women daydreaming about the most? The study found that 38 percent of the time women think about dresses. We would've guessed shoes or handbags, but apparently accessories don't actually enter our mind as much as dresses do.

Now we want to know: Do you think about fashion 91 times a day? More? Less? Leave your comment below.

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