August Man's 5th Anniversary Bash at Avalon & the Top 3 2011 A-Listers Crowned!



this is a picture-heavy post and then some, but we threw an incredible 5th anniversary bash at Avalon last Friday to celebrate our birthday and can't help but want to brag a little (and then some).

On 30 September, August Man decked out the club and rolled out the red carpet for 700 of our guests that included readers, advertisers, partners, friends — and of course, the 12 A-listers and their supporters whom, later in the evening, would find out which three gentlemen would emerge out of this 8-month long journey to be declared the top August Man A-Listers for 2011.

At 8pm, a queue had already started to build. Some were eager to check out the club, some were there to support their friends, and some just wanted to get started on the glorious free flow of The Glenlivet and Kronenbourg 1664 that would pour from the bar for the next three hours.

No time was wasted to get the party started. As music pumped from Avalon's multi-million dollar sound system, the bar was getting rammed. Thankfully, drinks were being served fast and furious to keep up with everyone wanting to get a glass, or three, of The Glenlivet and bottles of Kronenbourg 1664. There would hardly be a drop left by the end of the night.

Our dress code for the night was "dapper" and the gentlemen certainly stepped up, many donning sharply tailored suits and blazers with a smattering of bow ties spotted in the crowd. Call us impressed, but hey, we wouldn't be doing our job if no one got the memo. And we can't forget the ladies who came just as dressed to the nines and rounded out the beautiful crowd.

While guests were milling about before the A-Listers were brought on stage to be judged, they could try their hand at customizing their dream Citroën DS3 on a special touch screen. Selecting from a wide range of vibrant body colours, guests had fun matching roof colours and graphics, upholstery, rims and even key colours. They could print out their final car design on-the-spot as a special keepsake. If you want to have a go at it yourself, you can on the Citroën website! Go crazy, we hear zebra print is very in right now.

Also on display were exquisite Corum timepieces that you would have spotted on the wrists of the A-Listers throughout the campaign. The Admiral Cup pieces were particularly fitting for the location, after all, we were all ensconced in the beautiful crystal pavilion on Marina Bay with a breathtaking view of the skyline as boats lazily traversed the waters. Guests could also get up close with the Panasonic Lumix GF-3, the official camera used by the A-Listers and which just so happens to be the world's smallest and lightest camera system right now.

At 9pm, everyone filled the dance floor, because it was the moment that we had been waiting for, the 12 A-Listers being called onto the stage by no other than lovely Anita Kapoor. Anita is no stranger to those who have been following the webisodes every week, and we miss her sassy company already as do the gentlemen, we can imagine.

But before the A-Listers would be called up one-by-one, a video recap was screened to the audience, capturing all the highlights of this tremendous second year of the A-Listers' road to the finals. Watch it now:

It's been one crazy ride, and tonight we would draw it to a close. But not before a little surprise... after the guys were called up and probably feeling a little proud, a little sheepish and, most possibly, a little drunk, we surprised them with a gag reel which we cheekily titled "The Alternative Awards"! A video which captured the unique personalities of these 12 men behind the scenes. It shows how well we've gotten to them, maybe a little too well. Watch it now:


Now it was the moment that things were starting to heat up, because we would give away the first of many exciting prizes for the night. First up, was the prize for the Citroën City Experience. If you recall, four teams of three A-Listers were tasked to drive to a unique Singapore location in a Citroën DS3 to shoot a city guide on video that was creative, innovative and showcased what the locale had to offer. The winning video clip was decided by a public vote.

It was Team D, made up of Pern Choo, Steven Yuen and Nabil Mustafiz who won the most votes from the public with their poignant and personal take on the cultural enclave of Little India. Good job, guys. Each team member won the use of a Citroën DS3 for a month and will get the chance to share more Singapore locations in a travel diary that will appear on, so look out for it soon.

At this point, the crowd was really starting to get riled up, with different factions of supporters screaming the men's names. Who would emerge the top 3? First, six men had to be eliminated from the top 12. This was a tough one to decide, kinda like Sophie's Choice, but with more children. But it had to be done and the six eliminated gentlemen were... Benjamin Hampe, Joel Wong, Kiat Goh, Pern Choo, James Palin and Mark Enriquez. Shucks. They are all great gentlemen who took part in this competition with a lot of grace and heart. Thank you for being such great sports and fine individuals.

Each A-Lister was given a little mini August Man magazine with their face on the cover, filled with messages from the August Man team and photos taken throughout their A-Lister journey. Definitely one for the grandchildren.

From six remaining finalists, Sam Patkar, Nabil Mustafiz, Arnault Gauthey, Kristian Hunt, Steven Yuen and Justin Quek, only three could go on to claim the final prize. Watch this video to find out who emerged the winners!