Audition for "Afterimages"

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Audition for "Afterimages"

16 Sep – For those who are itching to make a name for themselves in life without having to leave the confines of their home can now participate in Mythopolis Pictures' online auditions for their new horror feature film, titled "Afterimages", as stated on their official Facebook page.

Although the film may be set in Singapore, Malaysians may also participate as the auditions are open to the public, with five characters up for grabs. Those who are interested may download the audition scripts for the characters on

Alternatively, instead of uploading the video onto Youtube, applicants may send in their acting CV and headshot photo to

Note that auditions will be held only until 1 October 2012 and interested applicants must be fluent in English. For those who have not heard about Mythopolis Pictures, it is a US and Singapore-based production company best known as the creators of "Haunted Changi" (2010) and "A Month Of Hungry Ghosts".

"Afterimages" is set in an Asian metropolitan city where a group of film students burn their cameras for the deceased in exchange with a collection of footages from hell in the form of short spooky and creepy films, which are inspired by South-East Asian urban legends and myths like vengeful spirits of drowned victims and incidents that happened during the Hungry Ghost Festival.