Athena Chu denies baby bump

Athena Chu denies baby bump

15 Feb – Beautiful Hong Kong actress Athena Chu was rumoured to have been pregnant as her waist looked to be wider than before when she last attended a skin care brand's charity event wearing a one-piece dress, as reported by Jayne Stars.

"That's crazy! It's a human life. Right now, I am not pregnant," when asked indirectly if she was pregnant, and would she present a baby for boyfriend Paul Wong as a gift for Valentine's Day.

The 41-year-old revealed that the reason she did not wear a revealing dress was due to the cold weather.

"Each winter, when I wear a puffy down coat, the journalists will craft such pregnancy stories!" star huffed.

As for her plans on Valentine's Day, Athena was still uncertain.

"I do not have plans yet. Perhaps my boyfriend, Paul Wong, and I will cook dinner together. However, I did receive a bicycle as a gift."

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