Asian stars' plastic surgeries!

Asian stars' plastic surgeries!

15 Feb – Recently, rumours of multiple Hong Kong celebrities undergoing the knife for enhanced facial features and physiques have been spreading like wildfire, leaving fans to wonder how many beautiful stars are left untouched and unmodified in the film industry.

According to Jayne Stars, "Ip Man" starlet Lynn Hung, who is also Hong Kong superstar Aaron Kwok's girlfriend, is one of the stars to have gone for surgery before, in order to correct her eyes, nose, jaw, as well as her bust line for her modelling career in Nanjing.

Her fellow actress, Gaile Lok, who is the 32-year-old wife of popular Cantopop singer Leon Lai, had also revealed that she previously had a bust line enhancement to achieve her current C-cup, although she had it shrunk after, in order to make her chest appear more "natural". The 32-year-old then continued her body remodelling with rhinoplasty, which is a process to enhance an individual's nose.

Not only that, Chaozhou-born actress Chrissie Chau has also been making headlines with her breasts, the size of which managed to raise suspicions about their originality. In addition, it appears that the 27-year-old may have underwent surgery for rhinoplasty as well, for when her current features were compared to photos of her as a teenager, her nose now is visibly more sculpted with reduced nostrils.

The fourth beauty is undergo media scrutiny is attractive 24-year-old Janice Man, who is without a doubt one of the most popular models in Hong Kong. Janice had a nose job as well in order to restructure her nose to a pointy, chiselled form that is the rave of every budding model and it looks like she was successful!