Artist in profile: Sales

After a series of catchy singles, the first of which was released in June 2013, Sales is getting ready to drop their debut album.



Hailing from Orlando, Florida, Sales is name of the lo-fi pop duo made up of Lauren Morgan and Jordan Shih. The two longtime friends have been recording together on and off for several years, and their latest musical project is based on vocal and instrumental improvisation as well as sampling.

Why the buzz?

Sales' shows routinely sell out in their hometown, and the duo has built up a loyal fan base that is eagerly awaiting the duo's first record. Morgan's voice combines with the experimental quality of the music to create a unique sound that has won over the music blogging scene.

"There's such head bopping, radiant charm to their indie pop songs," writes I Heart Moosiq.

In Love, Not Limbo also praises Sales' work so far: "There's a simplicity to it which feels so serene, something which is nothing short of a breath of fresh air when you find yourself trawling through endless submissions that sound way too over-produced for hours on end."

What to listen to?

Sales' singles -- from their first track, "Renee," to their latest release, "Vow" -- are available on their Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages.

Where to see?

Sales will be touring the East Coast of the US during the month of June:

June 16: Tallahassee, FL - Charles Mansion (w/ Slough Louris, Smooth Church) 
June 18: Washington D.C. - Comet Ping Pong (w/ Go Cozy, The Sea Life) 
June 19: Philadelphia, PA - Golden Tea House (w/ Alex G, Roof Doctor) 
June 20: Brooklyn, NY - The Paper Box (w/ Small Wonder, Florist, Told Slant) 
June 21:  Boston, MA - Roggies (w/ Orca Orca, Skinny Bones)
June 27: Gainesville, FL - High Dive (w/ Hundred Waters, GEMS)
June 28: Orlando, FL - The Social (w/ Hundred Waters, GEMS)

Where to follow?

Stay up to the date on the band through Facebook and Twitter or visit the website: