Anthony Wong unhappy with Alan Tam

Anthony Wong unhappy with Alan Tam

27 Jan – Actor Anthony Wong is recently angry with Alan Tam trying to be the middle person in ending his conflict with Taiwanese singer, Show Luo.

Asianpopnews website reported that Alan Tam, who was invited to perform at Show Luo's final concert held at the Hong Kong Coliseum, told the Taiwanese singer, "I heard that you and my old friend have a feud. Actually, Anthony Wong is a cultured person in an inverted way. When he said that you are a 'Mao Li' (fool), he is praising you by saying you have 'Li Mao' (politeness)!"

The veteran singer-actor continued, "Do not be too calculative. Let me ask my friend, the 'mao li' surnamed Wong to have high tea with you. And then we can have a meal and karaoke session."

When Show Luo agreed, Alan added, "The nobler you are, the more successful you will be!"

However, when notified about it, Anthony Wong was not amused with Alan Tam's gesture, stating, "What is happening? There is nothing happening at all. It is so funny. Everyone said that I am using Show to create publicity [for his new theatre show]. Am I the one holding a concert now?"

Anthony stated that Alan doesn't know anything and will create unnecessary misunderstandings, and begged for Show Luo's fans to let him off and stop harping on the issue.

He expressed, "I really do not wish to have anything to do with this matter anymore. I beg all those foolish and crazy people not to harass me anymore. I am being molested mentally! I am so old already. Please let me off."