Angelababy no time to celebrate

Angelababy no time to celebrate

2 Mar – On 28 February 2013, Angelababy turned 24, but it was a low-key affair for the actress despite that this year was also the year of her Chinese zodiac sign, as she was busy shooting for an advertisement in Shenzhen and even flew to Paris yesterday for a fashion event.

According to Jayne Stars, the actress was unable to celebrate her special day with her partner, Huang Xiaoming, as a result. It is not known whether the couple will have a belated celebratory event. However, Huang Xiaoming, who has always been known for his romantic nature, sent her a bouquet of roses on Valentine's Day while she was working in New York, prompting many to speculate that he may have a surprise for her.

While Angelababy may not have been able to celebrate with Huang Xiaoming, her birthday was celebrated a week before with her friends and co-stars. She cut a total of 10 birthday cakes, and Kenny Lin, her co-star in the movie "Detective Di: The Prequel", wished her a happy birthday and posted a photo of her in a traditional costume on Weibo.

When asked about her birthday wish this year, Angelababy merely said, "I'm very satisfied with my life. There is nothing more to ask for."

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