Ang Lee may direct "Cleopatra"

Ang Lee may direct "Cleopatra"

27 Jan – "Life of Pi" director, Ang Lee recently revealed that he may accept the offer to direct the historical epic, "Cleopatra" – starring actress Angelina Jolie.

CRI website reported that Ang Lee, whose 3D adventure film, "Life of Pi" earned 11 Oscar nominations recently, stated that he would read the script before making his decision, but hinted positively about the project.

The director revealed, "Sony has asked me to shoot the movie and Angelina Jolie herself wrote to me to express her wish to collaborate. We admire each other and the project looks very attractive."

Ang continued, "It's a big-budget movie so I am carefully evaluating it. But this is a rare opportunity and I will probably take it."

Meanwhile, when asked if he plans to cast his son, "The Hangover Part II" actor, Mason Lee in his future projects, Lee joked, "I am tough on actors but it's difficult to be tough on your own son and it'd be an unnecessary torture for us. I'd rather torture other people's kids."