Andy Lau's wife pregnant with triplets

Daniel Ang
Andy Lau's wife pregnant with triplets

11 Jan - Andy Lau's wife, Carol Choo is revealed to be pregnant with triplets and it seems to be three healthy female babies to be delivered in 5 months.

Andy previously had admitted that his wife Carol is 4 months pregnant, but when he was questioned about the gender of the baby, Andy only replied by saying he adores both boy and girl.

Popular writer 'Gu Du Yi' recently revealed on his blog that Andy had secretly brought Carol for a foetal gender testing and the result shown was rare healthy female triplets.

Andy was overwhelmed, but at the same time he's also worried that 3 of his daughters will suffer from autism, as woman who are aged 40 and above, like Carol, will face a higher risk of giving birth to children suffering from autism.

Additionally, in an effort to protect his family, Andy had hired retired Marine soldiers all the way from America as bodyguards to protect Carol.