Andy Lau snatches Best Actor award

Lester Gan Wai Lun
Andy Lau snatches Best Actor award

28 Nov – Hong Kong actor-singer Andy Lau snatched the Best Leading Actor award for his performance in "A Simple Life" at Taiwan's Golden Horse Awards ceremony on Saturday night, living up to his media-given title as one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Cantopop, according to the May Daily website.

This makes Andy a second time winner for such a prestigious award, with his first dating back to 2004. The actor has acted more than 160 films while still being able to maintain a successful singing career.

When receiving the trophy, he jokingly said, "I told you. I always pay money to get the Best Leading Actor award."

The film was clearly a successful one, sweeping in the Best Leading Actress (Deanie Ip) and Best Director (Ann Hui) as well.

Deanie also won the best actress award at the Venice Film Festival in September for her role in the film.