Andy Lau excited for "Dragon Girl"

Mitchell Wong
Andy Lau excited for "Dragon Girl"

28 Jan – This year's Chinese New Year has brought true prosperity to Andy Lau, a man who has been fervent of being a father even after many failed attempts. Lau's wish came true now that his wife, 45-year-old Malaysian, Carol Chu is more than 4 months pregnant. Lau was branded as "Heavenly King Liar" by fans after his past marital status fib. During a recent fan gathering, Lau announced of his expected baby girl's birth to be in June 2012.

Lau married long-time girlfriend, Chu secretly in Las Vegas in 2008 which was exposed to his fans worldwide before long, hence the infamous brand bestowed onto him.

"I am ashamed that I was unable to tell your first of my commitment," wrote Lau in his blog immediately after being branded.

The gender of the expected child was revealed by the 50-year-old actor at a Lunar New Year gathering on Tuesday with his fans, who instantly congratulated him. Lau was said to have spent over HKD $20,000 which included two gift packets of HKD $10 given to each of his fans causing the atmosphere to buzz with more excitement.

Photos of his latest film shot in Dubai were also shared with his fans. Young children present at the gathering were hugged and kissed by the actor who wanted to display his paternal side.

While Lau has yet to have a son to carry on the family name, his intact family are still joyous over the impending arrival of the baby girl. It was revealed that the pregnant Chu is being protected by bodyguards hired by Lau.

In an interview, quoted by Oriental Daily, Lau stated that he spent the winter solstice with his family and poured tea for his parents for the Lunar New Year festivities. Asked whether he had hand-written his own calligraphy scrolls to decorate for the New Year, Lau said, "I did not write any calligraphy and did not stick any New Year scrolls at home this year." Andy revealed that he distributed around HKD $100,000 in gift packets this year.