Andrew Garfield: You can't please everyone

Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield thinks it's only possible to please everyone in your "fantasies".

The British actor portrayed Spider-Man in this year's hit movie, but realised that not everyone would value what he brought to the role. He only worries about pleasing himself and doesn't listen to negativity.

"Now that I so famous I try to do my best, but I know that I can't be appreciated by everyone. It is only possible to please everyone in your fantasies, not in reality. You have to remind yourself that you're not the centre of the world, even if you have fame," he told website

There are certain people that Andrew has always looked up to during his life. He would love to emulate the careers of his favourite Hollywood stars, but his greatest inspiration is closer to home.

"My mother is one of the heroes of my life. She's fantastic," he said. "When it comes to film stars I really value Robert Redford and Mike Nichols: I usually admire the people who believe in the strength of their art."

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