Andrea Riseborough: I’m odd-looking

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Andrea Riseborough: I’m odd-looking
Andrea Riseborough

Andrea Riseborough likes being "odd-looking" as it enables her to "get the bus everywhere".

The British actress has starred in a string of Hollywood movies, including Madonna's directorial offering W.E.

Andrea is famed for her fair complexion and slight frame. The star loves blending into the background as it means she can go incognito when she wants to.

"I am quite odd-looking in real life," she revealed in an interview with British newspaper The Telegraph.

"My face is almost like a canvas – a blank canvas in the sense that the hair on my face is very, very fine and my skin is incredibly fair and my hair is quite dark, and that’s very unusual. It’s nice to surprise people with the way I really look. And it enables me to get the bus everywhere. Which I do."

Andrea trains her facial muscles above all else. The 30-year-old actress sees her face as her craft, so works on strengthening it in order to authentically convey a broad range of emotions.

"Every character from head to toe uses different muscles. That’s something I really find enjoyable getting into," she explained.

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