An Asian Woman Transforms Herself to Look Like Miranda Kerr

[by Sunghee Park] A young South Korean woman has gone extreme length to transform herself into western super model Miranda Kerr. In last year’s episode of Korean TV show ‘Alien Virus,’ Hong Yuh Reum, who resorted to plastic surgery to emulate the Australian Star, was featured as a special guest.

Hong’s transformation into western look was quite shocking globally. Accordingly, bntnews International explored through Hong Yuh Reum’s transformation procedures of becoming Asian Miranda Kerr and her future career as a model.

“I would rather be unique than being just pretty.”

Hong fell in love with Miranda Kerr when she first found Kerr in Victoria Secret’s runway, which she saw in television by chance. Among many super models who were starred on the show that day, Miranda Kerr was the only one who attracted her eyes. Hong explained, “I love the way how Miranda Kerr looks. She is beautiful but has got some special charms that captivates my attention.”

As a result, Hong decided to have plastic surgery on her nose and eyes. Throwing her Asian image away, Hong transformed herself into Australian super model lookalike.

“I decided to get plastic surgery done so that I could have clear-cut features like western people. Everyone tried to dissuade me, saying that I will become a plastic surgery monster. However, in any chance, I never regret my choice of having plastic surgery. I really wanted to become like Miranda Kerr.\"

(Hong Yuh Reum, before the plastic surgery)

In fact, her previous look before surgery looked good enough that it made us wonder whether she really had to go through a surgery. However, Hong confidently told us that she had plastic surgery to emphasize her own and unique characteristic.

Anyhow, Hong publicized her name and began her career as a model. She signed a contract with her current agency and is receiving intensive model training.

Recently, Hong began her activity by modelling for game ‘Advance 1942.’ The \'Advance 1942\' is a Kakao Talk game made based on an original shooting game in video arcade. During the interview, Hong said with an excitement \"I\'m about to shoot pictorials with a concept of pilot holding a gun!\" as she starts her carer officially.

“I never tried wearing a pilot uniform that I feel happy but worried at the same time. Even though there are many things to learn to become a professional model, I believe I will do fine since I’ve always loved taking pictures of myself.\"

When Hong was asked what her ultimate dream is, she answered, \"modeling for a denim brand.\" She continued, “I feel most confident about my legs and casual style fits better than feminine look to my body shape. If possible, I really want to take denim brand pictorial. I guess I have better leg line than Miranda Kerr. Just kidding. Ha Ha.”

Hong’s appearance in \'Alien Virus\' as a lookalike of Miranda Kerr made her famous, but not every response was positive. Some people continuously insulted her as an ‘International Shame.’ Fortunately, Hong was cool enough to ignore these insults, saying that only good responses come into her eyes.

When asked about what she would do when she actually meets Miranda Kerr, Hong answered “First, I will take a picture and get an autograph of her. I want to tell her that I respect her so much and that I even want to resemble her toe nails. Most of all, I want to ask her how she thinks of me since I even went through plastic surgery to look like her.”

Although Hong Yuh Reum often hears a title of \'Fake Miranda Kerr,\' she still puts the best effort to achieve her dream as a model. Much is expected from Hong as she becomes a great model as Miranda Kerr. (photo by bntnews DB)

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