\'After School’s Beauty Bible\' Introduces K-Stars\' Makeups

[by Cho Suyoun] KBS W’s beauty program named ‘After School’s Beauty Bible’ introduced some makeups of K-Stars in the 17th episode.

Jung-A, U-IE, Juyeon, E-Young and Ka-eun of After School covered K-Stars’ beauty information as beauty reporters on their program ‘Beauty Bible.’ In this episode, the members mainly covered ‘alluring makeup’ vs ‘pure blooming makeup.’

First, Jung-A introduced ‘alluring makeup’ with some help from celebs’ makeup artist Kim Mi So. On a model\'s face, they first applied cosmetic brand Touch In Sol’s ‘Flawless Skin To Coat’ to prepare S/S trend nude face tone. Then the makeup artist put on coral reef color of ‘Go Extreme High Definition Lip Lacquer’ on the model’s cheeks to create natural flush. Next, she finished by drawing eye line with Aqua Marine and Ruby colors of ‘Style Black Eyeliner.’ On lips, she put on ‘Go Extreme High Definition Lip Lacquer’s Tangerina color to complete bohemian and alluring makeup.

Joo Yeon, on the other hand, introduced lovely and purely blooming makeup with artist Moo Jin from Jenny House. In blooming makeup style, the makeup artist again used ‘Flawless Skin Top Coat,’ which combined functions of ampoule, foundation, primer and powder all at once. With this product, she created fresh and light base skin tone. Then she decorated the model with ‘Style Black Eyeliner’s purple color and put on baby rose lip color with the same product that Kim Mi So used in the other makeup style.

More information about these two makeup styles are now available on Naver TV Cast. (photo captured from KBS W ‘After School’s Beauty Bible’)

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