Aaron Kwok not changing plans for marriage

Aaron Kwok not changing plans for marriage

23 May – Hong Kong 'Heavenly King' Aaron Kwok has quashed rumours that he would be getting married in June with his longtime girlfriend Lynn Hung, insisting that he has a plan and nothing could ever change it, including marriage.

According to Asian Bites, Kwok denied the rumours that were fuelled after reports that Hung had received a ring from Kwok earlier, and they were fast tracking down the aisle to appease Hung's cancer stricken father.

But all the speculation was brought to an end when Kwok said that he would say his vows when the time is right.

"Everyone knows that I am a workaholic. The Hong Kong paparazzi did not confer with me. I love my work! Although I am no longer young and I am a mature man who should get married and establish a family, but now is not the time," said Kwok at the premiere of latest movie "A Hundred Years of a Floating City".

The 46-year-old star adamantly added; "I have already planned my goals in life. No one can change this plan!"

It was previously reported that Kwok and Hung had a heated argument about their marriage, which jeopardized their five-year long relationship. Although the pair later reconciled, elaborate stories about them getting married soon, to prevent any further arguments continued to spread.