Aaron Kwok to marry within 4 years

Naseem Randhawa
Yahoo! Newsroom
Aaron Kwok to marry within 4 years

13 Oct – Recent rumours that singer Aaron Kwok might marry his girlfriend Lynn Hung this year may not be true, as the 46-year-old recently revealed that he plans to get married before 50, according to a report on JayneStars' website.

Appearing at a Guangzhou promotional event, Aaron indicated, "I have always placed marriage in my life plans. However, I still feel that there is a small wish inside my heart which has not been fulfilled."

"I do want to fulfill the responsibility of being a husband and a father. I will get married before 50-years-old. It is also possible that I get married after I turn 50. Many of my friends got married after the age of 50," he added.

His girlfriend Lynn turned 31-years-old two days ago, but she did not celebrate it in a high-profile manner like she usually does with Aaron. Despite that, she wrote on her blog saying she had an enjoyable birthday, "I had a very happy birthday! Thank you everyone for your well wishes. I got them all!"